Philux Energy, Inc. is a renowned global energy company in three continents at present (North America, Europe and Africa, with headquarters in the United States of America. Philux is a leading producer of liquefied fossil fuel within the United States of America, United Kingdom and Nigeria.


We provide a very clean, safe, secure, efficient and affordable energy to the world, while responsibly delivering a reliable, competitive, and integrated source of LNG, in a safe, environmental-friendly and rewarding work environment. Philux Energy’s operations, construction, and development also support energy and economic development across the United States of America.

By 2030, Philux Energy is expected to be a top-5 global provider of LNG. Our expertise at Philux Energy with the best optimal and advanced technology in the oil and gas industry is essential to developing new oil and gas resources cost-efficiently and effectively whereas the protective setting of our high octave lenses lends credence to our capacity to be an energy market leader in the next decade.

By January 2021, Philux Energy is expected to be the largest innovative company shipping oil and LNG from a commercial facility in the contiguous United States of America and the rest of North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

From our projection, over 1,000 cumulative cargoes of LNG originating from us at Philux Energy are expected to be delivered to 50 countries and regions the world over. In support of our quest for global reach and visibility, Philux Energy currently has offices in the United States of America, United Kingdom and Nigeria plans are in top gear to add additional offices in Germany, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Sao Tome and Principe.


Philux Energy Inc. is a foremost International exploration and production company with the unbridled capacity for limitless expansion and business growth.

As a freelance oil and public utility company with best practice operations, we tend towards the area unit at the innovative stretch of American, European and Africa’s upstream sector, with vital investments and a sturdy portfolio of oil and gas fields, in addition to taking part in interests in onshore and offshore manufacturing assets.

Through our in-depth local operational prowess, we have partnerships with each indigenous and international oil establishments, and that we hold interests in several licenses for our oil exploration, advancements and creation of oil and gas assets settled onshore, swamp, and offshore.


We deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders as we continually grow our reserves by harnessing the optimum potential from our existing range of oil and gas resources, while also acquiring near-term producing assets from international oil companies. Alongside seasoned professionals who are a part of the North American continent from a large assemblage of international firms, we nurture talented young individuals through challenging accelerated professional training and industry exposure program. We operate in three continents with the projection to spread to three more continents by year 2050.

Safety of Operations remains our watchword. We are committed to actively contributing to the socio-economic development of communities wherever we are located and operate by making jobs available to suitably qualified candidates from our host communities and increasing native capability and professional competence.

Through the systematic implementation of our Environmental Health and Safety Management System, we are committed to making sure that our operations inside these communities are unit-safe, environmentally-friendly, socially accountable and systemically sustainable, whilst guaranteeing customer satisfaction, staff happiness and optimal returns on investment to our shareholders.

We are committed to effective world class energy services