Our Projected Gas market in America, Europe and Africa

Philux Energy is currently in the United Kingdom as well as the United States of America. Part of our company’s projections is to enter into Norway as it is presently the second-largest provider of gas to the ecu gas market. This is part of the company’s bid to dominate the European gas market.

All fields on the Norwegian ocean floor contain varied quantities of gas. In the beginning, gas from the first fields to be developed are billed to be sold through lifespan contracts in which operators and buyers enter contracts for the entire operational life of the field. The gas produced are then marketed through several sales channels, including the spot market, through long-term contracts or directly to end-users such as power plants or industry

Gas Production and Storage

We produce and store our gas in accordance to international best practices, with environmental, health and safety concerns in place. Our Natural gas transportation pipeline systems are in sync with the best obtainable anywhere in the world. As it is well-known, natural gas from the United Kingdom and the Norwegian continental shelf run through an extensive network of pipelines.

It is the largest in the world of its kind, extending over 16,000 kilometers and we are poised to running half of that by year 2050. The pipelines in Norway connect the fields at sea and the processing plants onshore in Norway to landing points in Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

Philux Energy is billed to be the official technical service provider for the major gas operators in America, Europe and Africa that would be statutorily responsible for the technical operation for most of the operational pipelines within our operational domains by year 2025.

We are equally the prospective Owner, Operator and Technical service provider of a number of other gas fields across America, Europe and Africa.

Gas Storage

Philux Energy has the capacity for the acquisition of four (4) giant gas storage facilities spread across America, Europe and Africa