We have been positively inspired by a history of explorers from Charlottesville in the United States of America. Many thanks to a durable maritime tradition and skill managing harsh environments, Our location oil offshore field has fostered some of the greatest ocean and polar explorers in history. Building on a heritage of adventurers, Philux Energy has the capacity to become a world-leading explorer for oil and gas in North America. Since the year 2004, we have made several top quartile exploration, boe discoveries and high impact discoveries since we commenced oil operations and exploration. We are thus a formidable and a prospective, leading global explorer in the global oil extractive industry.



Despite a more challenging industrial context with fewer and fewer conventional oil and gas discoveries, we have delivered about twice as much value as we have invested in exploration since 2004. This accomplishment has placed USA among the highest exploration corporations globally.

In addition to strong exploration results, we have delivered incremental improvements in drilling efficiency, without compromising on health, safety and environment, HSE. As the exploration industry changes, and as a response to our sharpened strategy, we have adjusted our exploration strategy to be in tandem with international best practices.

Our new corporate objective is to be “a pioneer, pivotal, mortal abyss corporate organisation delivering successful, high-quality resources to our retinue of high network clients and customers the world over at competitive rates, optimal customer satisfaction with huge returns on investments to our shareholders”.

Our corporate mission statement outlines the direction we need to go to achieve organic growth and stay competitive in a lower carbon future and an environmentally friendly and sustainable development ecosystem. We have already built a strong position in some of the world’s most prolific oil and gas basins, including the United States Gulf, the United Kingdom continental shelf, UKCS and we are poised to break into the Norwegian continental shelf, Gulf of Mexico, East Coast of Canada, the Exclusive Economic Zone of Nigeria and other emerging energy markets in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, Philux Energy has a huge propensity for business success and a plausible tendency to esteem the core areas for its exploration activities. Our work has partnered on prolific, specialised basins which are proven basins which have already delivered significant oil and gas volumes. As explorers, we know that where hydrocarbons have been found before, there is more to find and we are billed to doing just that in a commercially viable, yet environmentally healthy and safe manner.

The new exploration strategy that takes health, safety, occupational hazards and the environment into consideration will affect the way we work, the decisions we make and what we deliver, but at Philux Energy, we do not compromise.

More, we are fidelity, we keep our word as our bond. There is an increased focus on high-quality resources; this includes resources with good reservoirs quality, high density of resources and light hydrocarbons, as well as access to infrastructure, competitive fiscal requirements and good possibilities for development.

In addition to deepening in our core exploration areas, we are actively seeking and accessing new play-opening opportunities. Our success formula is the same as that of the early 20th century explorers; we think globally when analyzing the subsurface, we apply the latest technology, we accept uncertainty and we nurture learning and a creative exploration culture

Why do we need to find more oil and gas?

We need to find more oil and gas to meet our increasing energy demands across the universe. Global population growth and improved living standards fuel increasing global energy demand. By 2050, the world will need to provide energy for 3.7 billion more people than it does today. Energy access is fundamental to social development: it provides clean water, sanitation, lighting, heating, cooking, mechanical power, transport, health care, education, and communication services. At the same time, the world is facing an increasing risk of irreversible climate changes because of human energy consumption. Developing a sustainable energy system is therefore one of the greatest challenges of our time and we are poised to combating and addressing these challenges as a company.

Find out more about how the world can strike a balance between the climate effects of energy consumption and the need to secure a sufficient supply of energy on our news bulletin and reports.


Energy Preservation and Production Perspectives

Our exploration heritage        

In close collaboration with industry partners, authorities and local communities, we have raised the bar of safety standards and drilling efficiency and minimized environmental impact and exploration risk. We have been at the forefront of exploration and production activities in difficult and harsh offshore environments for decades. We have utilized our knowledge and experience from working on the Continental shelves of many oil-producing nations in inhospitable waters and assisted in the drilling and exploration wells in more than 1,000 meters of water off several coasts.

Our becoming a preferred operator in the field of exploration is the result of long-lasting efforts and commitment to constant improvement guided by some of the following key principles:

  • Health, Safety Environment remains our prime priority
  • We conscientiously believe in the Power of collaboration
  • We revel in Positive ripple effects
  • We thrive by Mutual benefits and rise by lifting others
  • Customer satisfaction is our first goal
  • Successful coexistence births more excellence


More on our exploration heritage

Bright heads, appropriate implements and great opportunities.

Most of the easy-to-find oil and gas in the world has already been discovered, forcing our explorationists to continuously come up with innovative ideas and utilizing the latest technologies to find ours. We realize that we require persistence to get a thing and consistency to keep it. This endeavor strongly relies on collaborative efforts, global perspectives, a culture of inquisitiveness and minds asking ‘what if’ and ‘why not’ in order to develop news exploration ideas and concepts.

For those asking ‘why’, we often ask them ‘why not?’, we take calculated risks and take the useful plunge to achieve the best results.

Explorers in the early days of polar exploration were admired for their aspirations, persistence, boldness, creativity and knowledge. Today’s search for high impact discoveries calls for people with the same personal qualities and level of passion for what they do. In the exploration method, we draw upon resources from all over the world.

Well-orchestrated teams of professionals with cross-disciplinary skills and perspectives unlock the full potential that lies in the organisation.

At Philux Energy, once the team of geoscientists has been assembled, it’s time to start asking the right questions. How have the tectonic plates moved? Is there a source rock, a reservoir and a seal, and do we understand the migration of hydrocarbons? We believe that our culture of inquisitiveness is unique and drives the idea generation and technology that ultimately leads to new discoveries.

Having the best people, data and tools available have allowed us to become one of the leading exploration companies in recent years. In order to secure continued success in the future, we enable talents and senior- level experts to develop professionally. You can equally deepen and broaden your set of skills, work with different parts of the world and challenge yourself to deliver and grow with us at Philux.

Philux Energy generally focuses on regions which are generally unnoticed and wherever it can participate as an early entrant. Our asset portfolio at Philux provides both geographical and operational diversification that sets us apart as a worthwhile investment destination. Material corporate transactions undertaken at Philux generally provides a balance to the portfolio with assets that include significant production and reserves.

Philux Energy is a company-bound and formed on Natural Resources’ exploration and production. We have a number of prospective partnerships with many indigenous and multinational companies which provide a platform for further growth within the oil extractive industry for us.

Part of our target exploration fields lie onshore and offshore the Niger Delta of Nigeria in one of the foremost prolific oil provinces within the world and includes eight manufacturing fields with oil and gas contained in numerous stacked reservoirs.

Philux Energy aims to acquire more licenses to play in the big league at the global plane with several operational basins in America, Europe and Africa. Our Seismic analysis have been largely was non-heritable especially in areas confirming a drilling location and plans area unit afoot to drill the prospect. We have strategically positioned ourselves where our work programs are expected to progress quickly with wells slated for the ensuing year. In the year 2019,

Philux expanded its portfolio and created a number of subsidiaries: Philux Chemicals and Philux Farms- Agro to enhance our operational base and capacity, apart from our high impact exploration licenses under facilitation processes.

The awards we pursue at Philux Energy thus offer us the chance to explore a widely known organic compound region.