First Oil Exploration and Production

With over Fifteen (15) years cognate experience in the oil sector as an Energy production and distribution company and over Two Hundred (200) years cumulative industry experience of our team members, our Production starts when development has been completed and this marks the end of one chapter—which might have lasted for more than the operational limits.

Thinking through and Doing things differently

Of the values to which we hold, perhaps the most vital of them in recent times has been our ability to think the thoughts others don’t, and do the things others can’t. We are a methodical team and a strategic group that rationalizes our every transactional move. That ability to measure our shots ‘outside the box’ has meant that, even in an exceedingly tough commerce setting, Philux has never been higher placed to continue shaping the long run of oil exploration in Africa.

Yet part of our supremely unique success story has been in our response to the changing world around us, and in applying our corporate strategy to the prevailing circumstances. That is why, as oil costs have fallen, we have taken action to confirm we have a tendency to stay secure, safe and afloat.

Our facilities at Philux

Philux Energy is operating, constructing, and developing a number of LNG facilities in the United States of America. We are billed to operate the Structural Pass liquefaction project (SPL Project) in locations across America, Europe and Africa.  We also currently have three fully-operational liquefaction units or “trains” that we co-run as they are known in the LNG industry. A fourth train at the SPL Project that has all the necessary permits is currently being proposed in a bid and expected to be obtained by March 2021. When all our projected four trains are completed, the aggregate nominal production capacity of the SPL Project is expected to be approximately 22 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG. Our liquefaction facility in …………………..  is billed to begin operations by 2021. When all the four (4) trains are completed, the aggregate nominal production capacity of the CCL Project is expected to be approximately 11.5 mtpa of LNG.

Our Business Model

Philux Energy is a full-service, upwardly innovative and dependable LNG provider. We purchase fossil fuel from the sturdy, transparent, and liquid United States natural gas market in multiple states across the United States of America, United Kingdom and Europe, process the natural gas into LNG, and offer our customers the option to load the LNG onto their vessels at our terminals, or we facilitate the delivery of the LNG to regasification facilities around the world.

Approximately 70 percent of Philux Energy’s expected aggregate LNG production capacity, either completed or under construction, is contracted through long-term agreements with our long range of investment-grade customers.

The remaining volumes of LNG that we produce are available for our integrated marketing unit to sell into the market. That gives Philux Energy the supremely unique combination of long-term, contracted stable cash flows, with marketing opportunities driven by shorter-term natural gas supply and demand fundamentals in markets worldwide.

Natural gas is transported to Philux Energy’s LNG facilities on 3rd party pipelines on which we own firm transportation capacity, as well as on pipelines we have constructed, owned and operated

Successful coexistence births more excellence