Suppliers’ Bouquet

We make use of high net worth suppliers on many of our projects. Our suppliers are drawn from allied industries and they help create value for our numerous customers in the energy sector. Click on the link below to find out more on getting vital information on how to become a subscribed supplier and dependable partner of Philux Energy.


Public Interest at Philux Energy

At Philux Energy, we are very open to welcoming fresh ideas and community participation, including refined public interest in our delectable private and public sector energy performance in all of our projects onshore and offshore. We are equally favourably disposed to sharing information about our new projects that would have any form of societal and environmental impacts with civil society and environmental protection advocacy groups as practicable as possible. Click on the image below to subscribe to daily news and reports on our projects on this website.


Natural gas

Natural gas from the Philux Energy comprises an avalanche of a reliable, clean and competitive supply of optimal energy. Our Gas engages from an extremely associate degree that takes into cognizance prime environmental perspective largely because it emits between fifty and sixty five p.c less greenhouse gas in electricity production than coal, thus reiterating the essence of our renewable energy drive and climate compatibility policy initiative.

Philux Energy which was founded in the year 2004 has the potential to produce gas equivalent to the gas consumption of more than 60 million European, African and American households. Our Team has a cumulative industry experience of over Two hundred (200) years.

During energy production, it is imperative to state that our gas production emits only half of the CO2 of coal. Carbon capture and storage, (CCS) which are part of our forte can reduce emissions still further.

The total length of the network of gas transport pipelines on our radar is over 121,880 kilometers.